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  Term Synonyms Abbreviation Project Category
  Term Synonyms Abbreviation Project Category
marketing authorisation medicinal product authorisation MA OpenMedicine, concePTION, UNICOM, Gravitate-Health
medicinal product authorisation marketing authorisation OpenMedicine, concePTION, UNICOM, Gravitate-Health
pharmaceutical product OpenMedicine, UNICOM
identifier ID i~HD, OpenMedicine, UNICOM
international non-proprietary name INN OpenMedicine, concePTION, UNICOM Regulatory
medicinal product identifier MPID OpenMedicine, UNICOM
marketing authorisation holder MAH OpenMedicine, concePTION, UNICOM, Gravitate-Health
packaged medicinal product OpenMedicine, UNICOM
eDispensing eDispensation eD OpenMedicine, concePTION, UNICOM, Gravitate-Health Information and communication technology
ePrescription electronic prescription eP OpenMedicine, UNICOM, concePTION, Gravitate-Health Information and communication technology
patient summary PS OpenMedicine, UNICOM, Gravitate-Health
controlled vocabulary CV OpenMedicine, UNICOM
dose form dosage form, pharmaceutical dose form OpenMedicine, UNICOM
dosage form dose form, pharmaceutical dose form OpenMedicine, UNICOM
pharmaceutical dose form dose form, dosage form PDF OpenMedicine, UNICOM
global trade item number GTIN OpenMedicine, UNICOM
investigational medicinal product IMP OpenMedicine, concePTION, UNICOM Clinical trials, Regulatory
adverse drug reaction ADR OpenMedicine, UNICOM, Gravitate-Health Healthcare, Pharmacovigilance
healthcare professional health care professional HCP OpenMedicine, UNICOM
pharmaceutical product identifier PhPID OpenMedicine, UNICOM
pharmacovigilance PhV OpenMedicine, concePTION, UNICOM Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
unique device identifier UDI OpenMedicine, UNICOM, concePTION Regulatory
investigational medicinal product identifier IMPID OpenMedicine, UNICOM
summary of product characteristics SPC, SmPC OpenMedicine, concePTION, UNICOM, Gravitate-Health Regulatory
route of administration RoA OpenMedicine, UNICOM
medicines regulatory agency OpenMedicine, UNICOM
national contact point for eHealth NCPeH OpenMedicine, UNICOM
medicinal product dictionary system medicinal product dictionary MPD OpenMedicine, UNICOM
clinical decision support system clinical decision support CDSS OpenMedicine, UNICOM Healthcare, Information and communication technology
electronic health record-system functional model EHR-S FM OpenMedicine, UNICOM
object identifier OID OpenMedicine, UNICOM
unified code for units of measure UCUM OpenMedicine, UNICOM
active pharmaceutical ingredient active ingredient, active substance API OpenMedicine, UNICOM, concePTION Medicines
manufacturer OpenMedicine, UNICOM
anatomical therapeutic chemical anatomical therapeutic chemical classification ATC OpenMedicine, UNICOM, concePTION Medicines
electronic prescription ePrescription EP OpenMedicine, UNICOM, concePTION, Gravitate-Health
anatomical therapeutic chemical classification anatomical therapeutic chemical ATC UNICOM, OpenMedicine, concePTION Medicines
medicinal product batch identifier BAID UNICOM, OpenMedicine
biomedical research integrated domain group model BRIDG UNICOM Clinical trials
clinical document architecture CDA UNICOM
chemistry manufacturing and control CMC UNICOM Medicines
data carrier identifier DCID UNICOM
European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & HealthCare EDQM UNICOM, OpenMedicine, Gravitate-Health
European economic area EEA UNICOM
European health data & evidence network EHDEN UNICOM
smart open services for European patients epSOS UNICOM
European surveillance of antibiotic consumption ESAC UNICOM
health care professional healthcare professional HCP UNICOM, OpenMedicine
investigational medicinal product batch identifier IBAID UNICOM, OpenMedicine
international council for harmonisation of technical requirements for pharmaceuticals for human use international conference on harmonisation, international council for harmonisation ICH UNICOM
international consortium for health outcome measurement ICHOM UNICOM
international classification of primary care ICPC UNICOM
individual case safety report ICSR UNICOM, OpenMedicine, Gravitate-Health
International Medical Devices Regulators Forum IMDRF UNICOM, OpenMedicine
investigational medicinal product package identifier IPCID UNICOM, OpenMedicine
international patient summary IPS UNICOM, Gravitate-Health
multi-market pack MMP UNICOM
national trade item number NTIN UNICOM
observational health data sciences and informatics OHDSI UNICOM
object management group OMG UNICOM
observational medical outcomes partnership OMOP UNICOM
medicinal product package identifier PCID UNICOM, OpenMedicine
national patient-centred clinical research network PCORnet UNICOM
stock keeping unit SKU UNICOM
single-market pack SMP UNICOM
SNOMED clinical terms SNOMED CT UNICOM, Gravitate-Health
World Health Organization WHO UNICOM, OpenMedicine
WHO drug dictionary WHO-DD UNICOM
extended EudraVigilance medicinal product dictionary XEVMPD UNICOM
therapeutic moiety TM UNICOM
absorption concePTION Biology
access control concePTION Information governance
accuracy concePTION Statistics
adaptive design concePTION Clinical trials
adjuvant concePTION Medicines
advanced therapy medicinal products ATMP concePTION Medicines
adverse drug event ADE concePTION, UNICOM Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
adverse effect concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
aetiology concePTION Biology
aggregated data concePTION Information governance
allocation concealment concePTION Clinical trials
alternative hypothesis concePTION Clinical trials
anonymisation concePTION Information governance
anonymised data concePTION, Gravitate-Health Information governance
antenatal care concePTION Maternity
antibody AB concePTION Biology
antigen concePTION Biology
architecture concePTION Information and communication technology
area under the curve AUC concePTION Statistics
arm concePTION Clinical trials
artificial intelligence AI concePTION, Gravitate-Health Information and communication technology
attestation concePTION Information governance
attrition concePTION Clinical trials
auditability concePTION Information governance
autologous concePTION Biology
baseline assessments concePTION Clinical trials
baseline data concePTION Clinical trials
beneficence concePTION Medicines
benefit-risk assessment concePTION Regulatory
bias concePTION Clinical trials
big data concePTION Information and communication technology
binary endpoint concePTION Clinical trials
bioassay concePTION Biology
biobank concePTION Clinical trials
bioequivalence concePTION Clinical trials
bioequivalence study concePTION Clinical trials
biologic medicine biopharmaceutical concePTION Medicines
biopharmaceutical biologic medicine concePTION Medicines
biomarker concePTION Biology
biometric data concePTION Information governance
biosimilar medicine concePTION Medicines
biotechnology concePTION Medicines
biotransformation concePTION Medicines
birth weight concePTION Maternity
blinding concePTION Clinical trials
branded medicines concePTION Medicines
breast milk exposure concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
breastfeeding concePTION Maternity
budget impact concePTION Regulatory
carcinogenicity studies concePTION Clinical trials
care plan concePTION Healthcare
case control studies concePTION Clinical trials
case report form concePTION Clinical trials
centralised procedure CP concePTION Regulatory
childbearing age concePTION Maternity
chronic condition concePTION Medicines
class effect concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
clearance concePTION Medicines
clinical effectiveness concePTION Regulatory
clinical efficacy concePTION Regulatory
clinical information concePTION Healthcare
clinical phase concePTION Clinical trials
clinical process concePTION Healthcare
clinical study report CSR concePTION Clinical trials
clinicaltrials.gov concePTION Clinical trials
cloud computing concePTION Information and communication technology
coefficient of variation CV concePTION Statistics
cohort studies concePTION Clinical trials
combined advanced-therapy medicines concePTION Medicines
Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use CHMP concePTION Medicines
common technical document CTD concePTION Regulatory
compassionate use concePTION Regulatory
computational model concePTION Statistics
concomitant concePTION Medicines
confidence interval concePTION Statistics
confidentiality concePTION Information governance
confirmatory studies concePTION Clinical trials
confounder concePTION Clinical trials
confounding variable concePTION Statistics
congenital abnormality congenital malformation concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
congenital malformation congenital abnormality concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
congenital anomaly concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
consent concePTION Information governance
consent (assumed) assumed consent concePTION Information governance
assumed consent consent (assumed) concePTION Information governance
consent (explicit) explicit consent concePTION Information governance
explicit consent consent (explicit) concePTION Information governance
consent (implied) implied consent concePTION Information governance
implied consent consent (implied) concePTION Information governance
continuity of care concePTION Healthcare
continuous endpoint concePTION Clinical trials
contract research organisation CRO concePTION Clinical trials
cost effectiveness concePTION Regulatory
covariance concePTION Statistics
covariate concePTION Statistics
cross-sectional study concePTION Clinical trials
cybersecurity concePTION, Gravitate-Health Information and communication technology
cytotoxicity concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
Data and Safety Monitoring Board DSMB concePTION Clinical trials
data controller controller concePTION, Gravitate-Health Information governance
controller data controller concePTION, Gravitate-Health Information governance
data destruction concePTION Information governance
data dictionary concePTION Information and communication technology
data element concePTION Information governance
data exclusivity concePTION Regulatory
data linkage concePTION Information governance
data model concePTION Information governance
data processor concePTION, Gravitate-Health Information governance
data sharing concePTION Information governance
data sharing agreement concePTION Information governance
data subject concePTION Information governance
database concePTION Information and communication technology
deep learning concePTION Information and communication technology
degradants concePTION Medicines
determinant concePTION Statistics
development safety update report DSUR concePTION Regulatory
developmental and reproductive toxicity DART concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
digital health literacy concePTION Information and communication technology
directive concePTION Regulatory
disability-adjusted life year DALY concePTION Regulatory
disclose concePTION Information governance
disclosure control concePTION Information governance
disease burden concePTION Regulatory
dosage concePTION Medicines
dosage forms concePTION Medicines
dosage regimen concePTION Medicines
double blind concePTION Statistics
drug concePTION, UNICOM Medicines
drug candidate concePTION Medicines
Drug Information Association DIA concePTION Medicines
drug tolerance concePTION Medicines
ectopic pregnancy concePTION Maternity
Effective Concentration 50 (EC50) and Inhibition Concentration 50 (IC50) EC50 & IC50 concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
effectiveness concePTION Regulatory
efficacy concePTION Regulatory
efficiency concePTION Regulatory
elective abortion concePTION Maternity
electronic health record architecture concePTION Information and communication technology
electronic health record system concePTION, UNICOM Information and communication technology
electronic product information ePI concePTION Regulatory
eligibility concePTION Clinical trials
embryo concePTION Maternity
embryogenesis concePTION Biology
encryption concePTION Information and communication technology
endpoint concePTION Clinical trials
engagement concePTION Healthcare
epigenetics concePTION Biology
epigenomics concePTION Biology
EUnetHTA concePTION Regulatory
EuroBioBank concePTION Clinical trials
European public assessment report EPAR concePTION Regulatory
evidence-based medicine EBM concePTION Medicines
exclusion criteria concePTION Clinical trials
exploratory trials concePTION Clinical trials
extractables concePTION Medicines
foetal death intrauterine death concePTION Maternity
intrauterine death foetal death concePTION Maternity
foetotoxic effect concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
foetus fetus concePTION Maternity
fetus foetus concePTION Maternity
food and drug administration concePTION Medicines
formulation concePTION Medicines
gene mutation concePTION Biology
gene therapy concePTION Biology
General Data Protection Regulation GDPR concePTION, UNICOM, Gravitate-Health Information governance
general practitioner GP concePTION, UNICOM Healthcare
genetic data concePTION Information governance
genetic data concePTION Information governance
genetically modified organism GMO concePTION Biology
genome concePTION Biology
genome-wide association study GWAS concePTION Clinical trials
genome-wide inferred study GWIS concePTION Clinical trials
genomic marker concePTION Biology
genotoxicity study concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
genotoxin concePTION Biology
genotype concePTION Biology
genotyping concePTION Biology
gestational age Trimester concePTION Maternity
gold standard concePTION Biology
Good Clinical Practice GCP concePTION Clinical trials
Good Distribution Practice GDP concePTION Regulatory
Good Laboratory Practice GLP concePTION Clinical trials
Good Manufacturing Practice GMP concePTION Regulatory
Good Pharmacovigilance Practices GVP concePTION, UNICOM Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
group sequential design concePTION Clinical trials
guarantee-time bias concePTION Clinical trials
half life concePTION Medicines
hard endpoint concePTION Medicines
hazard ratio concePTION Statistics
Heads of Medicines Agencies HMA concePTION, UNICOM Medicines
health information concePTION Information and communication technology
health technology assessment HTA concePTION Regulatory
health-related quality of life HRQoL concePTION Regulatory
healthcare concePTION Healthcare
healthcare activity concePTION Healthcare
healthcare provider organisation healthcare provider concePTION, UNICOM Healthcare
healthcare provider healthcare provider organisation concePTION, UNICOM Healthcare
herd immunity concePTION Medicines
high performance liquid chromatography HPLC concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
human biological sample concePTION Information governance
human mammary epithelial cells HMECs concePTION Biology
idiosyncratic drug reaction concePTION Medicines
immunogenic concePTION Medicines
immunotoxicity concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
in silico concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
in utero concePTION Maternity
in vitro concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
in vitro to in vivo extrapolation IVIVE concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
in vivo concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
incidental finding concePTION Information governance
indication concePTION Medicines
induced abortion concePTION Maternity
information governance concePTION Information governance
information governance IG concePTION Information governance
information model concePTION Information and communication technology
integrated care concePTION Healthcare
integrity concePTION Information governance
intention-to-treat ITT concePTION Clinical trials
interim analysis concePTION Clinical trials
intermediate endpoint concePTION Clinical trials
internal validity concePTION Clinical trials
international conference on harmonisation international council for harmonisation of technical requirements for pharmaceuticals for human use, international council for harmonisation ICH concePTION, UNICOM Medicines
international council for harmonisation international council for harmonisation of technical requirements for pharmaceuticals for human use, international conference on harmonisation ICH concePTION, UNICOM Regulatory
International Organisation for Standardization ISO concePTION, OpenMedicine, UNICOM
Internet of Things IoT concePTION Information and communication technology
interventional study concePTION Clinical trials
intrauterine growth retardation small for gestational age IUGR, SGA concePTION Maternity
small for gestational age intrauterine growth retardation concePTION Maternity
intravenous concePTION Medicines
Investigational Medicinal Product Dossier IMPD concePTION Clinical trials
knowledge model concePTION Information and communication technology
lactation concePTION Maternity
lead-time bias concePTION Clinical trials
Learning Health System concePTION Healthcare
legally authorised representative LAR concePTION Regulatory
life years LY concePTION Clinical trials
lifetime prevalence LTP concePTION Clinical trials
limit of detection LOD concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
limits of quantification LOQ concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
lipophilicity concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
live birth concePTION Maternity
log-rank test concePTION Statistics
low birth weight baby concePTION Maternity
low-intervention clinical trial concePTION Clinical trials
market exclusivity concePTION Regulatory
marketing authorisation application MAA concePTION, UNICOM Medicines
mass spectrometry MS concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
mathematical model concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
maximum tolerated dose MTD concePTION Medicines
mediator variable concePTION Statistics
medical data concePTION Information governance
medical technology assessment MTA concePTION Clinical trials
medication error concePTION Medicines
medication list concePTION Medicines
medicine concePTION Medicines
medicine distribution drug distribution concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
drug distribution medicine distribution concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
medicine model structure drug model structure concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
drug model structure medicine model structure concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
medicine specific parameters drug specific parameters concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
drug specific parameters medicine specific parameters concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
medicine transfer drug transfer concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
drug transfer medicine transfer concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
medicines list medicines formulary concePTION Medicines
medicines formulary medicines list concePTION Medicines
medicines management concePTION Medicines
medicines monitoring drug monitoring concePTION Medicines
drug monitoring medicines monitoring concePTION Medicines
medicines optimisation concePTION Medicines
meta-analysis concePTION Statistics
metabolome concePTION Biology
microarray concePTION Biology
milk-to-plasma ratio M/P ratio concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
minimal anticipated biological effect level MABEL concePTION Medicines
miscarriage spontaneous abortion concePTION Maternity
spontaneous abortion miscarriage concePTION Maternity
mobile health mHealth concePTION Information and communication technology
mHealth mobile health concePTION Information and communication technology
moderator variable concePTION Statistics
molecular biomarker concePTION Biology
multi-arm multi-stage MAMS concePTION Clinical trials
multiplicity concePTION Clinical trials
mutual recognition procedure MRP concePTION, UNICOM Regulatory
neonatal physiological factors concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
new drug application NDA concePTION, UNICOM Regulatory
new molecular entity NME concePTION Medicines
no observed adverse effect level NOAEL concePTION Clinical trials
non-clinical testing concePTION Clinical trials
non-interventional observational study concePTION Clinical trials
non-maleficence concePTION Medicines
non-randomised trial concePTION Clinical trials
null hypothesis concePTION Statistics
number-needed-to-treat NNT concePTION Clinical trials
observational study concePTION Clinical trials
observer bias concePTION Clinical trials
observer-reported outcome ObsRO concePTION Clinical trials
off label use concePTION Medicines
off-label use concePTION Regulatory
Official Medicines Control Laboratory OMCL concePTION Regulatory
organisation concePTION Information and communication technology
orphan designation concePTION Regulatory
overdose concePTION Medicines
p-value concePTION Regulatory
package insert concePTION Medicines
parameter concePTION Statistics
parenteral concePTION Medicines
passive surveillance concePTION Clinical trials
pathogen concePTION Biology
patient concePTION, UNICOM Healthcare
patient harm concePTION Healthcare
patient registry concePTION Clinical trials
patient years concePTION Statistics
patient-reported outcome PRO concePTION Clinical trials
patient reported outcome measures PROMs concePTION, UNICOM Clinical trials
pbpk platform concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
per protocol analysis concePTION Regulatory
performance-linked access system concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
period of exclusivity concePTION Regulatory
periodic benefit risk evaluation report PBRER concePTION Regulatory
periodic safety update report PSUR concePTION Regulatory
persisted concePTION Information and communication technology
person identification concePTION Information governance
personal data concePTION, Gravitate-Health Information governance
personal health record concePTION Information and communication technology
personalised medicine PM concePTION Biology
perturbation concePTION Information governance
pharmacodynamics PD concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
pharmacoepidemiology concePTION Biology
pharmacogenetics concePTION Biology
pharmacogenomics PG concePTION Biology
pharmacokinetic study concePTION Clinical trials
pharmacokinetics PK concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
pharmacology concePTION Biology
pharmacopoeia concePTION Medicines
Phase 0 Trials concePTION Clinical trials
Phase I Trials concePTION Clinical trials
Phase II Trials concePTION Clinical trials
Phase III Trials concePTION Clinical trials
Phase IV Trials concePTION Clinical trials
physiology-based pharmacokinetic models physiologically-based toxicokinetic models PBPK, PBTK concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
physiologically-based toxicokinetic models physiology-based pharmacokinetic models concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
pivotal study concePTION Clinical trials
PK-Sim® concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
placebo concePTION Clinical trials
placebo-controlled concePTION Clinical trials
plasma concePTION Biology
policy concePTION Information governance
polymerase chain reaction PCR concePTION Biology
population concePTION Clinical trials
population pharmacokinetics concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
post authorisation safety study PASS concePTION Clinical trials
post marketing concePTION Regulatory
post-authorisation efficacy study PAES concePTION Regulatory
post-marketing surveillance study PMS concePTION Regulatory
power concePTION Statistics
pre-embryo concePTION Maternity
predictive genetic test concePTION Regulatory
predictive medicine concePTION Medicines
predictive performance of medicine model predictive performance of drug model concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
predictive performance of drug model predictive performance of medicine model concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
pregnancy outcome concePTION Maternity
premature (baby) preterm baby concePTION Maternity
preterm baby premature (baby) concePTION Maternity
prescribe concePTION Medicines
prevalence concePTION Statistics
preventable concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
preventable patient harm concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
privacy concePTION Information governance
prn PRN concePTION Medicines
process concePTION Information and communication technology
proof of concept POC concePTION Clinical trials
proof of mechanism POM concePTION Clinical trials
prophylactic vaccine concePTION Medicines
prospective cohort study concePTION Clinical trials
prospective data collection concePTION Information governance
prospective meta-analysis concePTION Clinical trials
proteome concePTION Biology
proteomic marker concePTION Biology
proteomics concePTION Biology
pseudonym concePTION Information governance
pseudonymisation concePTION Information governance
pseudonymised data concePTION Information governance
public health concePTION, UNICOM Healthcare
public interest concePTION Healthcare
qualitative study concePTION Clinical trials
quality control QC concePTION Clinical trials
quality of life QoL concePTION Regulatory
quality-adjusted life year QALY concePTION Regulatory
quantitative study concePTION Clinical trials
quasi-randomised trial concePTION Clinical trials
randomisation concePTION Clinical trials
randomised clinical trial concePTION Clinical trials
randomised controlled trial RCT concePTION Clinical trials
randomised participants concePTION Clinical trials
rare disease concePTION Biology
re-identification concePTION Information governance
real word evidence RWE concePTION, Gravitate-Health Information and communication technology
real world data RWD concePTION, Gravitate-Health Information and communication technology
reassortant vaccine concePTION Medicines
recombinant DNA rDNA concePTION Biology
recombinant gene concePTION Biology
recruitment concePTION Clinical trials
relative clinical effectiveness concePTION Regulatory
relative efficacy concePTION Regulatory
relevance concePTION Statistics
reliability concePTION Statistics
remission concePTION Biology
replacement feeding concePTION Maternity
replacement, reduction and refinement concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
reproductive toxicology concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
repurposing concePTION Regulatory
research concePTION Information governance
response variable concePTION Clinical trials
retrospective case control study concePTION Clinical trials
risk concePTION Regulatory
risk assessment concePTION Regulatory
risk evaluation and mitigation strategy REMS concePTION Regulatory
risk factor concePTION Regulatory
risk management concePTION Regulatory
risk management plan RMP concePTION Regulatory
risk minimisation measures concePTION Regulatory
robustness concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
safety signal concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
safety specification concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
sample size concePTION Clinical trials
Scientific Advice Working Party SAWP concePTION Regulatory
Scientific Advisory Group SAG concePTION Regulatory
secondary use of data (or data re-use) concePTION Information governance
selection bias concePTION Clinical trials
selective reporting concePTION Clinical trials
sensitivity concePTION Clinical trials
sensitivity concePTION Information governance
sensitivity concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
sensitivity analysis concePTION Statistics
serious adverse event SAE concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
side effect concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
sign concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
signal concePTION Statistics
signalling pathway concePTION Biology
significance concePTION Statistics
significance level concePTION Statistics
silencing concePTION Biology
Simcyp® concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
single ascending dose study SAD concePTION Clinical trials
social care provider organisation concePTION Healthcare
soft endpoint concePTION Clinical trials
somatic concePTION Biology
specificity concePTION Statistics
sponsor concePTION Clinical trials
spontaneous abortion concePTION Maternity
standard concePTION Information and communication technology
standard deviation concePTION Statistics
statistical analysis plan SAP concePTION Clinical trials
statistical significance concePTION Statistics
stem cell therapy concePTION Biology
stem cells concePTION Biology
stillbirth concePTION Maternity
stratification concePTION Clinical trials
stratified medicine concePTION Biology
strong authentication concePTION Information governance
structure-activity relationships and quantitative structure-activity relationships SAR/QSAR concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
study participant concePTION Information governance
subject of care concePTION Healthcare
submission concePTION Regulatory
substances, products, organisations and referentials SPOR concePTION, UNICOM, Gravitate-Health Medicines
sudden infant death syndrome SIDS concePTION Maternity
Supervisory Authority concePTION Information governance
surrogate endpoint concePTION Clinical trials
suspected unexpected serious adverse reaction SUSAR concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
system dependent components concePTION Biology
t-test concePTION Statistics
target patient population concePTION Clinical trials
target product profile TPP concePTION Clinical trials
targeted medicine concePTION Medicines
teratogen concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
teratogenic concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
teratology concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
termination of pregnancy abortion concePTION Maternity
abortion termination of pregnancy concePTION Maternity
testing method concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
therapeutic alternatives concePTION Medicines
third sector provider organisation concePTION Healthcare
time-to-event endpoint TTE concePTION Clinical trials
tolerability concePTION Medicines
toxicity concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
toxicokinetics concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
TQTc concePTION Clinical trials
transcriptome concePTION Biology
transgenic concePTION Biology
treatment emergent adverse event TEAE concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
treatment group concePTION Clinical trials
trial arm concePTION Clinical trials
trusted third party TTP concePTION Information governance
Type I error concePTION Statistics
Type II error concePTION Statistics
uncertainty concePTION Statistics
United States package insert USPI concePTION Regulatory
validation concePTION Statistics
variable concePTION Statistics
variance concePTION Statistics
vector concePTION Biology
very low birth weight (baby) concePTION Maternity
vulnerable participants or populations concePTION Medicines
wash out period concePTION Clinical trials
whole genome sequencing WGS concePTION Biology
workflow concePTION Healthcare
Z-factor concePTION Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
zygote concePTION Maternity
active substance active ingredient, active pharmaceutical ingredient concePTION, OpenMedicine, UNICOM Medicines
audit trail concePTION, OpenMedicine Information governance
authentication concePTION, OpenMedicine Information governance
care pathway concePTION, OpenMedicine Healthcare
data concePTION, OpenMedicine Information and communication technology
de-identification concePTION, OpenMedicine Information governance
electronic health record EHR concePTION, OpenMedicine, UNICOM, Gravitate-Health Information and communication technology
European Medicines Agency EMA concePTION, OpenMedicine, UNICOM Medicines
excipient concePTION, OpenMedicine, UNICOM Medicines
identification of medicinal products IDMP concePTION, OpenMedicine, UNICOM, Gravitate-Health Medicines
inclusion criteria concePTION, OpenMedicine Clinical trials
medication concePTION, OpenMedicine Medicines
medicinal product MP concePTION, OpenMedicine, UNICOM Healthcare
national competent authority national drug authority, national medicines authority NCA concePTION, OpenMedicine, UNICOM Regulatory
national drug authority national competent authority, national medicines authority concePTION, OpenMedicine, UNICOM Regulatory
processing concePTION, OpenMedicine, Gravitate-Health Information governance
role concePTION, OpenMedicine Information governance
serious adverse reaction serious ADR SAR concePTION, OpenMedicine, UNICOM Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
serious ADR serious adverse reaction concePTION, OpenMedicine, UNICOM Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
third party concePTION, OpenMedicine Information governance
model verification concePTION Statistics
Spanish Medicine Agency AEMPS UNICOM
active substance master file ASMF UNICOM Regulatory
Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices of Germany BfArM UNICOM
centrally authorised product CAP UNICOM Regulatory
cross-border eHealth information services CBeHIS UNICOM
Medicines Evaluation Board of the Netherlands CBG-MEB UNICOM
combined pharmaceutical dose form UNICOM
common data model CDM UNICOM
common European submission portal CESP UNICOM
Coordination Group for Mutual Recognition and Decentralised Procedures - Human CMDh UNICOM
Coordination Groups for Mutual Recognition and Decentralised Procedures CMDs UNICOM
Coordination Group for Mutual Recognition and Decentralised Procedures - Veterinary CMDv UNICOM
database administrator DBA UNICOM
decentralised procedure DCP UNICOM
German substance registration system DE-SRS UNICOM
Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine DICOM UNICOM
electronic application form eAF UNICOM
European Medicines Regulatory Network EMRN UNICOM
European risk management strategy ERMS UNICOM
European Free Trade Association EFTA UNICOM
European substance registration system EU-SRS UNICOM
European Union Network Data Board EUNDB UNICOM
European Union telematics controlled terms EUTCT UNICOM
global substance registration system GSRS UNICOM
hyper text transfer protocol HTTP UNICOM
integrated patient management system IPMS UNICOM
IT Directors Executive Committee ITDEC UNICOM
Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices of the Republic of Slovenia JAZMP UNICOM Regulatory
marketing authorisation procedure MAP UNICOM
market authorisation variation MAV UNICOM
medical dictionary for regulatory activities MedDRA UNICOM, concePTION, Gravitate-Health
Swedish Medical Products Agency Medical Products Agency of Sweden SEMPA UNICOM
nationally authorised product NAP UNICOM
National Centre for Advancing Translational Sciences NCATS UNICOM
National Institutes of Health NIH UNICOM
national medicines authority national competent authority, national drug authority NMA UNICOM, OpenMedicine, concePTION
Norwegian Medicines Agency NoMA UNICOM
national procedure NP UNICOM
organisation management service OMS UNICOM
prescribing and dispensing software system PDSS UNICOM
programme for international drug monitoring PIDM UNICOM
patient-facing mobile health application PMHA UNICOM
referential management service RMS UNICOM
standards knowledge management tool SKMT UNICOM
substance management service SMS UNICOM
State Institute for Drug Control of Czech Republic SUKL UNICOM
Substance Validation Group SVG UNICOM
Telematics Management Board EU Telematics Management Board TMB UNICOM
unit of presentation UoP UNICOM
eHealth digital service infrastructure eHDSI UNICOM
member state of treatment country B UNICOM
member state of affiliation country A UNICOM
protection of personal data POPD UNICOM
ethics advisory board EAB UNICOM
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality AHRQ UNICOM Regulatory
primary package UNICOM
secondary package UNICOM
application programming interface API UNICOM, Gravitate-Health Information and communication technology
European Medicines Verification Organisation EMVO UNICOM
European Union falsified medicines directive EU-FMD UNICOM
medicinal product dictionary medicinal product dictionary system MPD UNICOM, OpenMedicine
Uppsala Monitoring Centre WHO-UMC UNICOM
country A member state of affiliation UNICOM
country B member state of treatment UNICOM
national contact point NCP UNICOM
eHealth UNICOM
Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency of the United Kingdom MHRA UNICOM
Medical Products Agency of Sweden Swedish Medical Products Agency MPA UNICOM
fast healthcare interoperability resources FHIR UNICOM, Gravitate-Health Information and communication technology
allergen UNICOM Healthcare
attribute UNICOM Information and communication technology
available prescription UNICOM eDispensation, ePrescription
clinical information system UNICOM
coding system UNICOM
dispensed medicine UNICOM
dispenser UNICOM
eDispensation eDispensing eD UNICOM
eHealth Network eHN UNICOM
generic medicinal product UNICOM
guideline UNICOM
hospital information system HIS UNICOM
master value sets catalogue MVC UNICOM
medical record medical health record UNICOM
medication summary UNICOM
medicinal prescription UNICOM
posology UNICOM
prescriber UNICOM
substance UNICOM
time valid prescription UNICOM
valid prescription UNICOM
Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products of Belgium AFMPS UNICOM
Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety AGES UNICOM Regulatory
Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety of France ANSES UNICOM Regulatory
Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium CDISC UNICOM
Republic of Estonia Agency of Medicines State Agency of Medicines of Estonia EESAM UNICOM
clinical trial information system CTIS UNICOM
EU Telematics Management Board Telematics Management Board EUTMB UNICOM
Finnish Medicines Agency FIMEA UNICOM
Agency for Medicinal Products and Medicinal Devices of Croatia HALMED UNICOM Regulatory
Health Level Seven HL7 UNICOM
National Authority of Medicines and Health Products of Portugal INFARMED UNICOM
product management services PMS UNICOM
medical health record medical record UNICOM
European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations EFPIA UNICOM, concePTION Medicines
Food and Drug Administration of the United States FDA UNICOM, concePTION Medicines
standards developing organisation SDO UNICOM
lead member state LMS UNICOM
international nonproprietary names modified INNM UNICOM
modified substance UNICOM
virtual medicinal product VMP UNICOM
virtual medicinal product group VMP Group UNICOM
actual medicinal product AMP UNICOM Medicines
actual medicinal product package AMPP UNICOM Medicines
virtual therapeutic moiety VTM UNICOM
EU Telematics UNICOM
State Agency of Medicines of Estonia Republic of Estonia Agency of Medicines SAM UNICOM
active ingredient active pharmaceutical ingredient, active substance concePTION, OpenMedicine, UNICOM Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance
clinical decision support clinical decision support system CDS UNICOM, concePTION Healthcare
over the counter medicine OTC UNICOM, concePTION, Gravitate-Health
basis of strength substance BoSS UNICOM Medicines
precise active ingredient substance PAI UNICOM
evidence based medicine EBM UNICOM
electronic medication administration record eMAR UNICOM
technical specification TS UNICOM
adverse event following immunisation AEFI UNICOM Healthcare, Pharmacovigilance
chemical abstracts service CAS UNICOM Medicines
European Commission EC UNICOM
European Union EU UNICOM
National Health Service NHS UNICOM
standardised drug grouping SDG UNICOM
substance identifier SID UNICOM
EudraVigilance EV UNICOM
defined daily dose DDD UNICOM Pharmacovigilance
clinical drug CD Precisely UNICOM Medicines
dictionary of medicines and devices dm+d UNICOM
international classification of diseases international statistical classification of diseases and health related problems ICD UNICOM
international statistical classification of diseases and health related problems international classification of diseases ICD UNICOM
linked open data LOD UNICOM
medical subject headings MeSH UNICOM
National Library of Medicine of the United States NLM UNICOM
ministry of health MoH UNICOM
medicinal product containing only MP-only UNICOM
potentially inappropriate medication list PIM list UNICOM
patient reported experience measures PREMs UNICOM
Source Authentique des Médicaments SAM UNICOM
unified medical language system UMLS UNICOM
unique ingredient identifier UNII UNICOM
user acceptance testing UAT UNICOM
IT system/database for drug data at EESAM SamTrack UNICOM
pharmaceutical product PhP UNICOM Medicines