Welcome to the ConcePTION Glossary

This glossary provides the definition of many terms used by the different teams working within the IMI ConcePTION project. It helps to align everyone's use of each term, and offers links to any known synonyms for the same concept. In some cases we have been able to source a concise explanation as well as the formal definition, which may be helpful to those unfamiliar with the term.

This glossary is shared with other European projects, who are collaborating to help grow a useful resource for all. The project glossary editors can review each other's entries and bring them in to their own project glossary if they wish. It has been developed and is hosted by the European Institute for Innovation through Health Data, in partnership with RAMIT.

If you are looking for a term not yet included, find any errors, or wish to suggest a better definition or explanation than we have, r wish to suggest additional terms we should add, please email dipak.kalra@i-hd.eu

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