Welcome to the Glossary for XpanDH

The XpanDH glossary provides the list of terms and acronyms used by the different teams working within the XpanDH project. In order to reduce barriers to understanding and to avoid misunderstandings and mistakes, a specific Glossary of terms related to the XpanDH project has been set up.

As a lot of specific terminology is used, it is important that the scientific, regulatory and healthcare communities use and understand the terms in the same way. Members of the public, including patients, will also be provided with understandable explanations for many of the terms.

The XpanDH glossary and explanations will expand in the course of the project and is openly accessible.

The XpanDH glossary is designed and maintained by The European Institute for Innovation through Health Data, in partnership with RAMIT.

Check out the XpanDH glossary on the RAMIT website.